Reina Crepeau

Lead Teacher - Primary

Reina started her Montessori journey with with her own children, more than 15 years ago. As she entered the classroom she quickly became interested in instruction. She now has 10+ years of instruction experience and American Montessori Society Primary Certification as well. Reina was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, and her background is a rich asset to our classrooms. She loves the Montessori method and is committed to creating beautiful and purposeful learning environments for her students.

Megan Powledge

Lead Teacher - Elementary

After graduating from the University of Montana with a BA in Sociology, Megan took the opportunity to travel and to complete a work-study position in organic farming. It was during these adventures that she first encountered Montessori education and was inspired. In 2004 she moved to Arizona to begin her Elementary 1 Montessori training through the Center for Montessori Teacher Education while working in a classroom as an assistant at Villa Montessori School. She was blown away by the impact that Montessori education had on children and went on to pursue a Masters of Education in Montessori through Ottawa University.

Megan knew of her passion for education early on, but observing a Montessori classroom is what guided her path. The philosophy of Montessori parallels her own belief that all children are unique beings, deserving a comprehensive education, which incorporates the classroom, the community, and the environment as a whole. Megan is now in her 7th year as the Elementary Teacher at Garden City Montessori and pleased to be a part of the growing Elementary Program.

Megan loves to travel and explore the vast open areas of Montana as well as spend time with the people that are close to her heart. Her son Brooks, husband Damien, and dog Porter are some of her favorites! Whether hiking, camping, climbing, or snowboarding, she prefers being outside most anytime.